Hollow Core Pole Elastic multi-buy


Hollow core pole elastic multi-buy offer


This is one of the best hollow core pole elastics you'll find on the market. 


Wide selection of lengths and diameters available


Solid core elastic also available in our online elastics store. Hollow core elastic also available in lengths starting from 3m

  • Diameters available

    Please ensure you tell us which diameter elastic you want when checking out so that we can process your order ASAP. The following diameters of hollow elastic are available:

    Orange (1.5mm) 4-6

    Blue (1.8mm) 8-10

    White (2.1mm) 10-12

    Green (2.3mm) 12-14

    Black (2.5mm) 14-16

    Purple (2.7mm) 18+

  • Sizes available

    4x25m (any four lengths of 25m elastic)

    2x50m (any two lengths of 50m elastic)

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